Alongside our weekly Sunday services, where we hear sermons based on the Word of God, Lithuanian Christian Church also hosts various other opportunities to delve deeper into the Bible. The purpose of each group or course is different, yet their goal is the same: to help believers grow in their spiritual walk with God, and to mold each of us into true followers of Jesus Christ. 


This course is for everyone who wants to know more about Jesus, and those wanting to solidify their foundations of belief, in preparation for their future journey of faith with God. Christianity and Biblical beliefs will be discussed in a simple, practical and easily understandable way. 
During the course, topics that will be discussed will include: 
Who is Jesus? • Why did he die on the cross? • How do I believe? • How and why should I pray? • How and why should I read the Bible? • How does God lead us and how does He work? • What and who is the Holy Spirit? • What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit? • How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? • How can I overcome evil? • How and why should I tell others about my faith? • Does God heal people today? • What is the purpose of the church? • How can I live the rest of my life purposefully? 


Topics discussed include: 
How do I recognise outwardly spirituality? • 10 signs of emotionally unhealthy spirituality. • How to change the deepest parts of souls. • How to find the true “me”. • How to overcome the impact of our past. • How to let go of the need to be powerful and controlling. • How to accept our human limitations. • How to live life based on an eternal perspective. • How to create new habits that will help us love others effectively. • Loving Christ more than anything else. 


This course is for everyone who has decided to follow Jesus Christ, and for those wanting to gain more knowledge and understanding of the truths that everyone seeking to live their lives for God, should know. This course will help you recognize your God-given gifts and talents and make you more aware of the issues that as a follower of Christ, you may face in the future. The leaders of the course will also seek to help each person find their individual place in ministry. 


Both in the New and Old Testaments we can see many accounts of people having encounters with God, that changed their lives completely. In Genesis 12, we read about Abraham’s encounter with God before his journey to Egypt and before God made him and his descendants into a great people of God. Moses also met with God and after this encounter, he received his call to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt. (Exodus 3) Joshua also experienced God’s unique manifestation and later led the Israelites to the Promised Land, (Joshua 5:13-15), as well as Isaiah, who God appointed as a High Prophet, (Isaiah 6:1-8) after his encounter with God. Very similarly, Jesus also had a special experience of God’s presence, and only then began His ministry. (Matthew 3:13-16 & Luke 4:1). 
We can find many more examples, where we see people dedicating their lives to God, after they had a personal and impacting experience of God. 
Encounter weekends are the perfect opportunity to dedicate three days purely to God, leaving our everyday worries and cares behind. The aim of these weekends is to create a setting where believers can rekindle their love for Jesus, meet with him personally once again and help them gain freedom from the things in their lives that are preventing them from serving God and living their lives to the full. Here, everyone is encouraged to take a deeper look into themselves and let God show them what areas of their lives they need to change, so that they become more like Christ, and see true changes to the quality of their everyday lives. 
These weekends are for everyone who wants to reconnect their relationship with God, and deal with unresolved issues that they see in their lives. The programme of each weekend is unique, and is prayerfully put together by a team who seeks the will and direction of God in every detail. The following topics may be adressed: 
Repentance. • The Father’s love. • Forgiveness. • Breaking the bondage of generational curses. Freedom. • Emotional healing. • The baptism of the Holy Spirit. 
During the year, we organise several different encounter weekends for men, women and leaders. For more detailed information about our upcoming events, please refer to the Calendar page on our website. 


Usually, when two unique and very different people, with individual views, beliefs and ideas, come together, it is normal that there will be some form of conflict! Conflict itself is not a bad thing. However, this can become a very big problem when we do not know how to solve these conflicts in an effective and healthy way. During this course, we will help you find new solutions and methods that will help you solve conflict effectively. 
Topics within the course: 
Unfulfilled needs. • Assumptions. Expectations. Harmful behaviour. Negative thinking. Emotional scars. 


This is a 10-week course for married couples, analyzing the main aspects of a marriage and giving couples well needed insight and wisdom for current and future life situations. Here we discuss the differences between men and women, this way aiming to help couples learn more about themselves as well as their partner. The course explores the following topics: 
1. The meaning of marriage 
2. The four principles of marriage 
3. How to understand and fulfill your partner’s needs 
4. Destructive husbands and wives 
5. The power of positive communication 
6. Handling finances 
7. Our parents: the past and present 
8. Raise good children, by being consistent 
9. Fulfillment in intimacy in a marriage 
10. A second marriage. The keys to success. 
During this time, couples are in a date-night setting, where they will be seated for a romantic dinner together. They will then be watching clips made by the creator of the course, Jimmy Evans, a pastor and the founder of Marriage Today ministries, and later discussing the teaching, as well as getting the opportunity to ask questions and completing practical tasks. The course takes place once a month, on Fridays, for a total of 10 months. We can’t wait to see you there!


Having a strong and happy marriage is not an easy and natural thing, that requires no hard work or dedication. It is in fact the opposite: a process or a journey, where two people are willing to change, to be honest with each other, to forgive and to love each other unconditionally. 
“The Strong Marriage” course is a 7 part teaching series, aiming to strengthen the relationship in a marriage. 
Topics within the course: 
A firm foundation • The art of communication • Resolving conflict • The power of forgiveness 
• The influence of other family members- the past and present • A good sex life • Love in action 


It is very important that we all take care of ourselves, not just our spiritual and emotional well-being, but our physical bodies as well. God gave us our bodies, and made it our responsibility to maintain and love them. In order to live our lives to the full and serve God to our highest potential, we must have enough energy, good health and an overall positive mood. All these things and more will be discussed during these seminars. 


“How do I find the right person for me?” This is probably the second most important decision that a young person makes, alongside their decision to follow Christ. This decision will impact not only your life, but the lives of your children, and the generations yet to come. This is why this is a very important choice to make. 
When we decide we want to start a family, how do we know which person will be best for us? What kind of spouse would God want us to choose? How do we recognise them once we’ve met them? What qualities should we look for in a spouse? Should you marry the person you are currently dating? 
This course will help you answer these questions and with the following: 
• Having healthy expectations • Intentional dating  
• Dating do’s and dont’s • Recognising warning signs 
• Learning to communicate effectively • Resolving possible conflict  
• Rating and evaluating compatibility • Honestly and sincerely communicating about the future 


This 4-week course is a great way for everyone to understand how to use their finances wisely and to learn to control and budget money, with the help of the wisdom found in the Bible and practical and life-tested teachings. This course will equip you with practical steps and tasks that are completed during the course, that can help change your future. 

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