Lithuanian Christian Church was born in 1998, beginning as a small group of six people in the living room of Pastor Darius and Vilma’s home. In 1995, just before coming to the UK, Vilma gave her life to Jesus, and a year later, (during their wedding ceremony), God won Darius’ heart too, and they began their journey with Christ together. At first, they attended a small local Baptist church, and then began to attend Kensington Temple, where they would regularly invite their Lithuanian friends to come too.  
It wasn’t long before this small group of Lithuanian speaking people began to experience a desire for prayer and the word of God, and so alongside their attendance of church, they began to meet together in each other’s homes to pray, study the Word and seek God together. The group began to grow in numbers very quickly, people coming for prayer, healing and deliverance, and within three months, they grew from six to fifty, and could no longer fit into their homes! Seeing this need for a bigger place to meet and having the vision from God to begin Lithuanian Christian Church, there in London, they began to search for a new building. 
It was during this time that their relationship with Kensington Temple grew stronger, when Darius and Vilma met a woman named June Goldenberg, who had a dream from God about Lithuanian people living in London. She explained she had never met any Lithuanians before, but because of the vision God had given her, she was very keen to introduce them to Brian Richardson, (the leader of KTLCC’s satellite churches) who then helped them to find their first building in Bethnal Green. He continuously supported and ministered to this Lithuanian community and helped them become a part of the KTLCC network. 
The Lithuanian Church continued to rapidly grow, and soon they started a new worship team, a stewarding and welcoming team, a children’s ministry, and smaller home groups, which run to this very day. It is almost unbelievable how such a vibrant, close-knit and ever-expanding church began as a small group of six people! But what is clear to see is how God has blessed this community in ways no one could have ever imagined, and the best part is- the best is still yet to come!

SUNDAY SERVICE – 11am, 698 Woolwich Road, SE7 8LQ

PRAYER – Monday – Thursday 7pm, 1 Radland Road, Canning Town, E16 1LN