Leading up to Christmas, at the “Lithuanian Christian Church” it has become a tradition to send Christmas presents to the less well off children in Lithuania. This year we will send gifts to the orphanages of Kuršėnai, Kėdainiai, and Vilnius. Every year this project is a great success.

For every child to get a present and to avoid disappointment, we need your help. We wholeheartedly urge everyone to participate in this project and prepare one or more gifts. There is nothing more amazing than to see the joy and happiness it brings to the children’s faces!

We ask all those who wish to take part in this project to choose one or more children from the orphanages, by writing your name and number next to your chosen child. You can find the children's list at the "Lithuanian Christian Church" after the service, or you can call Julija (phone no: 07889875566), who will advise you on what you can buy as a present. Gifts should be delivered either to the "Lithuanian Christian Church" on Sundays or to the church office at: 1 Radland Road, Canning Town, London E16 1LN.

Deliver gifts worth around £ 30 each by 8 November (inclusive).

Here are some ideas and examples of possible gifts:

  • Depending on the age of the child, gift something that they could love (for example, a soft toy...)
  • Stationery (felt-tip pens, pencils, stickers...)
  • Be sure to include sweets (all kinds are suitable, but avoid chocolate, as it might melt during transportation, for children up to three years old it is not advisable to include any hard sweets, so more suitable sweets such as gummy sweets will be perfect. Make sure to also check the expiry date of sweets. But don’t overdo it with it, put in a moderate amount.)
  • Do not include gambling games (for example, cards) and gifts with scary drawings (skulls, scary faces).
  • You are going to be preparing a gift for a particular child, so we advise you to write a short letter or a card with some encouraging words and your contact details so that if the child wants to, they can get in contact with you.

If you have children of your own, we also suggest to buy the gift with them and he/she can write a message on a card as well – after all, you are preparing a gift for a specific child – they may even want to stay in touch and become friends with your child.

The cost of the gift should be around £30.Please try to not exceed this amount. If you would like to give more, what you can do is choose one more child.

Put all the presents in a medium-sized shoebox, wrap the box with gift paper in a way that we can put in a bible before sending the gifts. Please do not put gifts in paper bags, because during transportation they tear up.

On top of your wrapped gift be sure to write the following:

  • Full name of the child
  • Age
  • Care homes: "Kėdainiai orphanage home", "Kuršėnai orphanage home" or "Vilnius orphanage home”.

We believe that you will be blessed as you participate in this project. Being able to make someone else happy brings true joy. 

If you want to support this mission with money, you can do so by transferring money to the account shown bellow.

In the reference section, please enter "Child's heart".

Name: ECKT Lithuanian Christian Church
Bank: Lloyds bank
Bank Sort Code: 30-91-87
Bank Account: 03788609
IBAN: GB85LOYD30918703788609

Let's warm the hearts of these little children!

  • WHERE?
    698 Woolwich Road, Woolwich, SE7 8LQ
  • WHEN?
    From 18th of October till 8th of November. 
    One gifts worth about £ 30

SUNDAY SERVICE - 11 AM, 698 Woolwich Road, SE7 8LQ 

PRAYER MEETINGS - Monday - Thursday, 7 PM, 1 Radland Road, Canning Town, E16 1LN