Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.
(Ephesians 5:14)

How long we are sitting every Sunday on church pews with pious feelings? How long have we been in bible lessons, in prayer meetings, or maybe in chorus as well? And what are the results? Only some kind of edification to uplift oneself on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday? Is that all?
What is going on in our churches? When Jesus did speak to us last time? When I have I lead a person to Jesus?
There seems to be a complete standstill since years! But the worst is: The first love for Jesus is forsaken, has been replaced by theological-systematic thinking. One checks whether the sermons are according to the bible word and not whether they are filled with the Holy Spirit.
That’ s why Jesus called such churches dead. Why all the Christian communities, founded by Paul, vanished? What will happen with our churches?
Therefore Jesus says: Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead! Today, when you hear His voice, wake up! See your hard heart, your pride and repent! Ask for forgiveness! Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with new love. And then go into your little room daily to find out by prayers how Jesus can use you.Tell Him that you are willing to follow His instructions. And when you receive them, carry them out! He wants you to be a blessing for many. And be not irritated if at first there are little things that Jesus ask you to do. He tests you and great things will follow. He is the Doer!
So take off your glasses of tradition and read the Bible as a child. Then He can speak to you again through these words. And do what He is telling you. Then He will be the Light again for you, give you new life. Yes, wake up!

Oh Jesus, You are life and not a dead doctrine! Let flow new love in my heart, fill me with Your presence which gives me new strength. Thank You, You are with me. I trust You!

Frank Lauermann




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