In the world leader conference booklet, it says that everyone can influence others. But do we think of ourselves in that sense? Can everyone be leaders, is everyone born with leadership qualities and do we have enough of them even if we are born with them?

With these questions in mind, we’ll try to find out when and where do successful leaders emerge. And if we all can change the world; how do we do it? It is important to understand that a leader on its own would not be good or successful if they didn’t have a team that is led by them.

Even looking at the small children running outside in the garden, playing with others we can tell which one is their leader and which are following the direction and just having fun. However, is leadership purely an attribute of personality or could it be that by implementing the right parenting style it can be uncovered and shine through even in an insecure child?

Craig Groeschel the founder and senior pastor of ‘Life Church’ says that by improving our character we can become good leaders that others are drawn to follow. So even if you are overbearing in nature, you still need to self-educate on how to be a great leader.

Here are a few examples of what people are drawn to and grows trust in a leader:

  1. An open heart that is caringthat doesn’t forget to tell people how much they matter, that they are appreciated and cherished. Don’t be afraid to say this, show it with your actions and rejoice together. No matter where you are influencing – your family, school, work, church or anywhere else.
  2. Passion for encouraging and inspiring others. Positivity and faith that together you can achieve different goals is a necessity in this day of age. Even when everything is going smoothly a good leader will hear the people out, will be invested and will encourage and empower others on the journey. It is important that we as leaders would have a specific mission and would live by values that align with our actions.
  3. Desire to empower. A leader will either control or will encourage growth and let others take the wheel. Unfortunately, you either control or trust and one of them will take the win. By delegating tasks, we nurture followers, by delegating power we are nurturing leaders. Ask yourself, whether you are prone to control or to delegate.
  4. Courage to be vulnerable. This quality most of the time is mistaken for weakness but people are looking for true leaders; not someone that is always right but someone that isn’t afraid to be themselves, vulnerable, honest, sincere, open and courageous. Maybe they don’t have all of the answers, but they are not afraid to open up and show that they are sensitive.
  5. Open to new ideas and proposals. Intellectual monopoly isn’t reserved just for leaders so a wise leader will always be open to new ideas and proposals. A great idea can be conceived by any member of the team and a great leader won’t miss out on a great opportunity, he will discuss it with the team and make it come to life. When you’re successful in your work are you prone to take all the glory or share it with the whole team? And when you are happy about an achievement do people around you celebrate it with you?
  6. Authenticity – the heart of leadership. A leader that is aware of who they are, not afraid of embracing it, grounded in their personality and skills is someone to admire and aspire to. Of course, a great leader will still remember to nurture and use their team’s authenticity and will allow members to use their strengths. In a scenario like this one both parties, the leader and the team feel good and use their unique potential to achieve a common goal.
  7. Determination. This quality is needed when making decisions. Sometimes they need to be made quickly and sometimes you need to consult your team that can help find the best choice by bringing in their perspective into the mix.
  8. Risk-taking. If we aim to be successful, we can’t be afraid to take risks. Faith or fear will win over but to take a risk doesn’t mean you won’t feel the fear it just means that you will still face it and bravely take a step forwards.
  9. Learning from mistakes. Mistakes make you grow, and people learn from it far more than from their successes. Mistakes can be the best asset that a leader can have. Great leaders know what mistakes they have made, they admit them and can openly talk about them, they will apologize take responsibility, and required actions to fix the mistakes.

As we ponder on these individuals’ personal qualities, we can become righteous leaders both in our lives and in our loved ones. Walking with God, who is the first example of an amazing and appropriate leader, I believe, we will overcome many difficult choices and trials, which In result leads to influence, a changing environment, and people's hearts, changing the world.

Jūratė Kapačinskienė




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