So often we give in to temptation and compare ourselves with others: Who is more successful, who is more out-spoken, who is richer, whose car is better; who bought and sold what, whose house is more welcoming, who has a better job, whose children are smarter; who is healthier, and whose photos are more attractive on social media... There is no end to it and there won’t be. Even with the good things, if we look at others and compare ourselves with them, this will create an obstacle to living the life God has gifted to us.

When God created you, he implemented everything necessary to fulfill your calling. He deliberately to the smallest details thought out everything; your characteristics, creativity, appearance and even the sound of your voice. He created you like no other, you are unique. He has given you everything you need in this life.

When God created the universe and all the plants and animals within it he "saw that it was good", but when he created man, he saw that "it was very good." – this means there is nothing to add, there is nothing missing, you cannot create anything more superior.

When we see another person's talents, abilities, resilience or appearance, we often think we lack those qualities, while at the same time not appreciating our very own talents and abilities given to us. When we try to be someone else, we just make our lives harder it's as if we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. This is more applicable to those who have not yet found themselves. God only pours anointing onto us when we do what He created us to be — this is when God’s greatest miracles occur — even if we have to work on more than one area of ourselves, we become fulfilled, happy and bless the people who surround us.

I would like to tell a pastors story. He loves to jog in the mornings to keep fit and healthy. Whilst on his morning jog, he notices another runner about one mile away. So, he decided to catch up with him and run past as if he was running a non-existent race. A few minutes later, he caught up to the runner, satisfied as he overtook him, however, as he ran for a few more minutes he noticed that he had missed his turn and had to run back in order to finish his intended run on time.

Does this not happen to us sometimes? When trying to run someone else’s race, do we not waste our own strength and time? In the end, we must go back to our intended path. The only contender with whom it is really worth racing is ourselves – only we can overcome our challenges and reach the end goal, as best as we can –let us be the best version of our ourselves because that is how God created us. We should not look at the people around us, they are not our competitors. It is normal for others to be more successful in an area that you may not be, everyone has their own unique given gifts.

King Saul wanted the same grace that God gave to David, so much so that he even tried to kill him more than once. Because of this Saul, himself lost what he had – power, the throne, his loved ones and the respect of the nation. This, in the end, killed Saul just because he wanted to please others and disregarded the favor God gave him, jealousy of David cost him his sanity.

All of us need to learn from the bible stories, to take the wisdom of God, be grateful, and to enjoy the gifts that God has given to us; this way we make history and bless the people around us. Let us dare to be unique, to be ourselves.

Jūratė Kapačinskienė


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