Both in the Old and New Testaments, we can see many accounts of people having encounters with God, that changed their lives completely. In Genesis 12, we read about Abraham’s encounter with God before his journey to Egypt and before God made him and his descendants into a great people of God. Moses also met with God and after this encounter, he received his call to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt. (Exodus 3) Joshua also experienced God’s unique manifestation and later led the Israelites to the Promised Land, (Joshua 5:13-15), as well as Isaiah, who God appointed as a High Prophet, (Isaiah 6:1-8) after his encounter with God. Very similarly, Jesus also had a special experience of God’s presence, and only then began His ministry. (Matthew 3:13-16 & Luke 4:1).
We can find many more examples, where we see people dedicating their lives to God, after they had a personal and impacting experience of God.

We gladly invite all men, who are hungry for change, to this encounter weekend dedicated just for you.

It’s time for us to take some time off from the routine of our day to day! Being open and honest before God and with each other is what true Christianity and manhood looks like. Interaction and communication with other godly men unites us, and the presence of God refreshes and restores our hope and strength.

Register up until the 3rd of March.

See you there!


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  • WHEN?
    From Friday 15th of March, 6:30 pm, to Saturday 16th March, 6 pm.
  • WHERE?
    Rehabilitation Centre “Alfa”, Langham Park, Ipswich Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5QQ


SUNDAY SERVICE - 11 AM, 698 Woolwich Road, SE7 8LQ 

PRAYER MEETINGS - Monday - Thursday, 7 PM, 1 Radland Road, Canning Town, E16 1LN

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